Our very first table build. Heiko is the Japanese name for parallel lines, This design is inspired by the clean parallel lines found in much of japanese design. The appoximate cost to build this table is around $500. Listed below are some sources I used (some are affilates). Click to get FREE plans.


Cedar 1"x4" (x18), 2"x4" (x7), and 4"x4"(x3) 8' lengths
- Knotty Cedar - 1x4 - $6, 2x4 - $11.28, 4x4 - $25
Clear Caulk - $6.67 Rebar Laminate Particle Board - $34.98 Cement - $18.56 (x2) Kreg Pocket Hole Deck Screw - $7.99 20" Closed Length Push-to-Open Drawer Slides - $21.82/per pair Concealed Half-Mortise Mount Cabinet Hinge - $5.40ea (x6) Low Profile Castor - $19.95ea (x2) Low Profile Castor w/ Brake - $22.72ea (x2) Rapidfire Chimney Starter - $14.99

Heikō 64'' (L BGE, Joe Classic)

* Must be modified to fit 2017 Classic Joe 2

Estimated DIY cost $500

Video Tutorials

Heiko 64'' Build: Part 1 (Framing)

Check out our videos associated with this build! Parts 2, 3, & 4 to be releases soon!