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Hello my name is Mike! I am a husband and father of 3 (soon to be 4), who loves to make things and cook for my family on my Kamado. 


Smoke & Hammer began as a side project; a way to share my ideas and designs to fellow kamado grill and outdoor living enthusiasts. In my day job, I am a design professional, co-founder and principal creative director for Touch Design Studio Inc., an award winning consultancy based in Philadelphia & NYC. Touch is primarily an environmental design agency with focus on workplace and retail environments. Some of our clients include J&J, Victoria Secret, Audible, & Alternative Apparel. Smoke & Hammer was partly started as a way to get out from behind the computer and to get back to being in the shop, designing for myself and working with my hands again.

I have found the Kamado community to be very generous and outgoing, with many people are quick to offer tips and advice on various aspects of "our way of life" ;) Having received such great advice myself I thought of this site as a way to give back and share my particular skill set. I especially love the DIY nature of this group and one of the focuses of this site is to provide thoughtful and good design in the area of Kamado cooking and outdoor living. 


Should this content prove to be a valuable resource to people, my hope is to grow Smoke & Hammer into a portfolio of well designed American handcrafted products & pieces that celebrate food, family, and the kamado tradition. I also welcome collaboration. I'd love to hear your thoughts or comments on what I'm trying to do, so if you have any questions or thoughts that you'd like to share with me please don't hesitate to email me at;

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Touch Design Studio, Inc.
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